New Magic Productions

Hello everyone. My name is Justin and I've been doing magic for a little over 4 years and have gotten many tips and advice from real pros. This website is for people that want to learn and perform magic. These tricks that I will teach have come from a very good friend Ryan Fox. He has a very active mind and created most of these effects. I have helped Ryan and we are now ready to sell the secrets to these tricks. Ryan will most likely have his own page on here in the "Magicians" tab. Please check out the tab to see more information. Anyways we are delighted to have you shop here and please send us an e-mail about how you like the site. 

The site is still not completely done. We will have more features in the future such as, Buying straight from the site and ordering DVD's instead of PDFs. Please be patient we will have more to offer soon. Thank you

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